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Jubilee Pools & Spas has been offering swimming pool, spa and sauna installation and services to the Saginaw and Mid-Michigan region for over 28 years. Professional quality every time, call us today to begin bringing your stay at home dream vacation to reality! 1-989-781-0180

Pool-WebsiteJubilee pools and spas provides high performance, corrosion resistance  Outdoor Leisure above ground pools that are as awe inspiring as they are refreshing. Beat the summer heat by having a tropical vacation spot in your own backyard. Call us today and see how we can make your entire summer a vacation!


Pool-Website-3Carrying both the Emerald and Great Lakes line up of spas Jubilee Pool and Spas of Saginaw Michigan is able to find the perfect spa to suit your needs. Whether it is personal relaxation, family, recreation or for health purposes we can guide you to the spa that has the features to soothe your every concern away!


Pool-Website-2Infrared Saunas use waves of energy to penetrate deep into the human body. Infrared Heat Therapy is a cutting edge treatment for many ailments and has been proven to reduce muscular tension, provide pain relief, increase circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues, and reduce blood pressure.