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Emerald & Great Lakes Spas


After a long, strenuous day almost nothing beats a nice soak in a spa. The hot, bubbly water soothes pains away and loosens up cramped muscles while the water vapor rises to your nose and breathing in the steam loosens up congestion. When you leave the hot tub, you feel relaxed — ready for a good night’s sleep. It’s a wonderful experience each and every time! All Emerald spas are manufactured to the highest standards of design, quality, and construction. So the only decisions to make are what size and seating arrangement best suits your lifestyle and then what amenities and extras suit your fancy. Jubilee Pools and Spas offer Emerald and Great Lakes Spas, they provide a wonderful environment for relaxation, revitalization, and recreation. Each Emerald spa features advanced design, offers innovative engineering, and provides ultimate performance. Experience life like it’s meant to be lived. Share fun, fresh air, and quality time in a beautiful Great Lakes Spa. These American-made spas extend from entry-level value to affordable luxury.


For more than 30 years, Emerald Spa Corporation has focused on a single goal — maximizing the spa ownership experience. Pioneering designs, state-of-the-art engineering, highest quality construction, and customer-driven amenities have set the standard for performance and value in the industry since the company began manufacturing under the respected Polynesian Spa brand, this is why we trust exclusively provide their products. Quality and functionality you can trust.